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EEAC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, tax deductible organization.

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Summer 2018Summer 2018 (PDF 12 pages 4.1 MB)
Teaching About Climate Change
Eco Heroes and Narwhals
NYC DOE 2018 Climate Summit
Notes on Teaching Climate Change
Climate Change Education Resources
EEAC Visits the Hort Society's New Greenhouse
LessonE3 Energy and the Environment

River Buildings

The Environmental Education Advisory Council (EEAC) is the only nonprofit organization with the sole purpose of promoting and supporting outstanding environmental education in New York City schools and other centers for learning.

Established in 1974, EEAC has advocated for excellence in formal and informal education in New York City and beyond.  EEAC provides a network and forum for all committed to environmental education to grow professionally and to share ideas and information.

From its inception, EEAC has served as an advisory group to organizations and individuals while also developing and implementing environmental education programs and initiatives.

Through its membership, monthly meetings, website, newsletter, electronic listserv, and committees, EEAC provides a wide range of programs and services and relays information about environmental education resources and issues.  It serves as New York City's umbrella environmental education organization, bringing together people and resources throughout the metropolitan area.