SC minutes 1/15/2020

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EEAC Steering Committee Regular Monthly Meeting  
January 15, 2020
239 Greene Street, 4th Floor, The Cloud Room


Isa Del Bello
River DiLeo
Mary Leou
E. Shig Matsukawa
Bonnie McGuire
Mary Most
Sarah Pidgeon
Ray Pultinas
Bonnie Ralston
Mike Zamm

a. Strategic Planning Committee will meet to set short-term goals and set future meeting again in 6-12 months to see how it goes

on 1/22 (or?) and 1/29 Wednesday – @ NPCA National Parks Conservation Association –  256 W 36th St, New York, NY 10018

Bonnie will send invites to Fran, Bonnie Mcguire, Shig, Thad, Sasha, Sunny

b. Program Committee

i Climate Change Conference – thus far – 16 volunteers have signed on – more needed.  Although Content and Logistics Groups are both pretty full, Volunteers are still needed for Public Relations and Outreach Groups.

ii Art Share – was not held on Thursday January 9 as planned – 

  • discussion ensued on when to try again mixed with new queries on whether or how to celebrate or recognize upcoming Earth Day, April 22, 2020 and also 50th Anniversary 
  • – No date is chosen though it is decided that a new date for Art Share might be before or after Earth Day – 
  • Suggestion was made to use National Parks Conservation Association facility – either in coordination with Earth Day or around that time –  an argument was made to hold the event in March with additional purpose to encourage members to brainstorm plans for Earth Day in addition to networking.
  • Furthering discussion of venue, National Parks Space is limited to 30, other options might include Google, though policy changes at that site make it tricky.  
  • Mary Most offered the option of holding the event in May, not only as a celebration and sharing of Earth Day activities but because teachers are looking for things to do with students that are engaging, hands on and a relief from test prep –
  • Other venues mentioned.  Isa offered contact with Brooklyn Bridge Park Environmental Education Center.
  • Date to be determined but leaning towards – March 20  – Mike Zamm mentioned that before Earth Day, there were traditional Earth Celebrations held on or around March 20, Vernal Equinox.  Mike explained how this day continued to be celebrated after 1970 even competing for some time with with Earth Day. 
  • River mentioned potential working partners: Groundswell, Arts and Democracy.  Sarah mentioned Materials for the Arts.  River and Sarah will reach out to respective organizations.
  • Reservations concerning size and scope of the event.  Comments shared on the need to make the event small at first to avoid taking on another big event.

* Further discussion required.  

c. Nominating Committee  Mary Leou reported that the committee has not yet met.  She will review By-Laws before moving forward.  It was suggested that Judith will also be indispensable as a consultant.  Working with the membership list, it was noted that Judith would be able to make easy work at nominating.   

When asked about the usual time line to start soliciting – usually early summer – starting with review of membership list to see who might be potential candidates.. 

River – suggested sitting down in March with Bob and Mary Leou – and will issue a call out for others to be on the nominating committee.  By-laws state that nominating committee be comprised of 5 members – 3 of which have to be on the steering committee. 

d. Communications: 

i. Newsletter 

From recent meeting – Bonnie McGuire announced February 3 deadline.

There is a feature article already slated for publication and anticipation of  articles on  TEEP,  EEAC Annual Meeting  (Sarah will submit – space for 1 page double spaced with pictures 

For next edition, there is no theme decided – It will be out mid to late march.

Suggestions then made to add article of history of Earth Day or EEAC?  

Other suggestions: legislation review, program information, bio of Isa – 

An email will be sent out on everything that still needs to be written – It was determined that email would be sent to steering committee

Invitation for any members to submit- book reviews – 

Procedure is that articles to be dropped in dropbox – Lynn Cole will then “map out” and send out as a draft – 

Future Newsletter deadlines:  May 4, September 7.

ii (6:17) Website

Shig reported that he continues to slowly add content to the web page – – scroll down – link to bylaws – EEAC emails, Social media and other things – 

goal is to become the place to go when members need information – link on latest email –agenda and  adding names to sign in sheet  and minutes from previous meetings  – he encourages us to explore the public site and the internal  site –

Shig requested reimbursement for website and domain renewals

assuming  expense to be $40.04 – but, if it’s ok – in case there is a increase, recommending depositing 45.00 paypal to account –  to cover for two fees  – 

* Motion approved – unanimous 

Meanwhile Shig continues to receive old newsletters and scan them.  It is an ongoing process –  

mention made that KC Shaw will take over as archivist  after questions raised about where our physical archives live.   Kim has them, eventually will going to Municipal Archives?

9/11 should remind us of the potential loss of servers and the need to preserve hard copies.   

e. EEAC and NYSOEA Partnership – It is reported that Karen is stepping down ,  transitioning out – waiting for new director to progress – 

Meanwhile, Winter Weekend is scheduled for Feb 14, 15, 16 at Green Chimneys – 

NYSOEA continues to take an environmental justice track – preliminary list of events and details sent out  – River will share – Queering Your Nature Walk – is one proposed offering

Nominating Committee – NYSOEA – would like us to keep this in our process and keep someone in that position to serve as liaison – meetings are a time commitment given the space difference and travel requirement – so, there is a need to strategize – a description exists but modifying might make it more attractive–  

* this item is unresolved

f. Membership and Finance Committee Report 

6:35 Mary Most shared two documents, a list of organizations that are represented by EEAC Members.

(I mentioned that my organization, James Baldwin Outdoor Learning Center was not included on the list)

The second document was EEAC Finances 2018-2019

Listings include Current Balance, Memberships, Donations, Expenditures and a summation of current membership as of 12/19/2019 – 161 Members.

1. Question to discuss – How to handle additional Membership fees for organizations with more than 5 members – Judith answered to refer to NYSOEA – one proposal is $50 for 5 delegates, $90 for  20 delegates – 

Recommendation of Steering Committee – approved by quorum – no objections

$75 for 5 members and each additional member $15 each  – without limit – 

Question then raised, should this be added to the bylaws?  – follow up required

2. Plans were then discussed to make eventbrite event for membership 

Suggestion made that when reviewing renewal membership list – members “need to be active and doing something”

As a EEAC members – and in consideration of new mission statement, what does it mean to be a part of our organization?

*this item is unresolved  

g. TEEP 

Mike Zamm reported but first asked us what the feeling about workshops held on December 12?  

A brief discussion ensued, very positive – River gave a summary  – what’s going to come out of this?  

  • Mike reported that he is waiting reports from participant leaders, his own report is about half done.  
  • The Weather Station initiative seems like it’s going – 
  • Teachers Prep at CUNY – energized and positive group – it was great to see CUNY at the table – ideas of cross curricular initiatives discussed – the ideal to have all connected – CUNY has great potential  
  • Still reservations are expressed – there is still this sense of silos – people in globe program siloed, – sad because we need to break down the silos?
  • How can we make smoother transitions when someone retires – how do we work together to enable cross fertilization? – why are we so parochial?
  • It’s a University problem – Rebecca’s efforts at NYU to bring entire department  to consider issues of – Early Childhood – is an example of how “stuff might happen”  
  • Clearing House 
  • Climate Change Education Conference – City College being offered as a venue is seen as a game changer – TEEP could be catalyst – networking 
  • No TEEP meeting this fall because of Climate Change Education Conference 

Meeting ended 

Respectfully Submitted
Raymond Pultinas
EEAC Secretary