SC minutes 6/17/2020

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EEAC Steering Committee Regular Monthly Meeting
June 17, 2020 – ZOOM remote

Participants:Fran Agnone
Lynn Cole
Isa Del Bello
River DiLeo
Joy Garland
Sarah Pidgeon
E. Shig Matsukawa
Ray Pultinas
Bonnie McGuire
Mary Most
Christina Tobitsch (NYSOEA)
Robert Wallace
Mike Zamm
  1. Go Fund Me raised enough money for 7 grants of $500 each for people in the field who lost jobs. Christina of NYSOEA reported that there is little money left, no other funds have been raised.Mike pointed out that this is short of our original goal. Discussion as to why we fell short – lots of places are asking for donations (donation fatigue?)
    Times are tough all aroundThere is still a need – at least 35 people requested assistance.There were 50 individuals who donated to the fund raising a total of $3,920Discussion about possibility of renewed effort – more visibility – How much effort are we willing to put in ? Bonnie Ralston reflects that this discussion is in line with ongoing strategic planning as it gets to the essence of who we are! Funding sources like Con ED might be a way to go as well as reaching out to politicians. There is a need to raise $13,000. – It is agreed that NYSOEA has the stronger social media presence, but how to maximize?Follow up with Christina and NYSOEA to see if there is momentum for another push
  2. July 1, meeting for all Steering Committee members to discuss strategic planning.
  3. Climate Change Conference – Should we proceed?Sarah reports no updates, discussion of potential for virtual conference or postpone until early 2021?A virtual conference if done right and well attended can reach thousands.Sarah recommended Schools That Can for providing a great platform, emphasis on “real world” will work on it as next step, looking at various platform possibilities, cost and will gauge interest.Following lead of NYSOEA – Virtual Networking – job opportunities – virtual mock interviews – River asks, what can we offer?EEAC’s List Serve is the greatest communication mode we have.Equity Access Inclusion
  4. Newsletter – various concerns about it not being punctual – Bonnie McGuire stated the need to revisit – are articles out of date or still relevant?Mike stressed the historic importance of the newsletter as a vehicle for sharing information
  5. Addressing Black Lives Matter and civil unrest (through newsletter)Isa began discussion with imperative to make a statement in support of protests. Inclusion, Equity, Justice (and Access)Lynn spoke of the importance of including an article in newsletter and Mary Most spoke of the importance of issuing a statement separate from newsletter.River will work on statement.
  6. TEEPMike stressed the importance of getting the report on the website.
    Weather stations in schools now on hold since schools are out.Clearing House (discussion led to next item)Introducing a component for Best Practices for Environmental EducationElicit responses from colleges – to submit syllabiDiscussion: is it normally shared?Mike will submit a statement by late August.Bonnie Ralston and Bob created Google form requesting resources (focus on local, place-based, urban, environmental education)General Agreement on the value of this as a resource.Isa raised issues of vetting process and organizing content by age, types of learning, etc. so as to be navigable and user friendlyChristina recommended as model New York Harbor platform on Hudson River Foundation website (?)
  7. WebsiteShig reported a significant dropoff in visitors to website over the past year from an average of 400 unique visitors a month to singled digits in recent months.Discussion on role of newsletter, Covid, website visibility, the need for EEAC to drive the traffic (Sarah)

Respectfully Submitted

Raymond Pultinas
EEAC Secretary