SC minutes 7/15/2020

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EEAC Steering Committee Regular Monthly Meeting
July 15, 2020 Wed 5:30 – 7:00 pm — ZOOM Conference

Participants:Fran Agnone
Isa Del Bello
River DiLeo
Mary Leou
E. Shig Matsukawa
Mary Most
Ray Pultinas
Bonnie Ralston
Christina Tobitsch (NYSOEA)
Joy Garland
Mike Zamm
Visiting:Pamela Peeters (Eco Heroes)
  1. Minutes will now be posted on website
  2. Bonnie Ralston presented on work of Strategic Planning Committee
    • Responding to the need to better define roles of steering committee with the goal of capturing work already done and generating feedback.
    • July 29 was mentioned as the next meeting date.
    • For the purpose of keeping ourselves accountable to the present situation and so the potential for there to be political action, legislative, borough and youth committees.
    • This is also a way to expand participation and build more inclusiveness – the idea of casting as wide a net as possible but to do it intelligently.
    • Also discussed – term limits for committee members.
  3. Program Committee
    Climate Conference November 5-8
    Sarah Pidgeon was not on the call.
    • Speakers and keynotes not confirmed.
    • Proposals? Due dates?
    • Likely to be virtual.
    • There is discussion of whether we become a strand in the NYSOEA Conference in place of holding our own – perhaps would give even more opportunities.
    • Audience is geared towards outdoors/environmental education/school teachers.
    • Some work on organizing took place before the Covid Pause needs to be revisited.
    • There is a need to gauge interest.
    Fran: happy to keep track of incoming feedback and develop poll.Christina of NYSOEA said that organization is not ready to consider co-hosting of event with EEAC.River shared that they are preparing workshop on Environmental Justice in High School – Equity Access Inclusion.Discussion of what might happen if schools reopen this fall and how outdoor spaces can be best utilized and how this might be the motivating topic necessary to reinvigorate the planning process:Kids need fresh air! This is a discussion that meets a real need and it was suggested that it be part of the programming.Isa wondered what constraints will be put on teachers? How will reopening determine the parameters of the work of environmental education?Sarah Ward’s Tool Kit is mentioned.How can we now be in support of teachers?Mary Leou suggested a Town Hall model.It is also likely that our EEAC annual meeting is virtual.
  4. Nominating Committee reported no updates.
  5. Communications/Newsletter – still coming along – proof reading stage.Pamela Peeters offered to contribute content.
  6. EEAC and NYSOEA partnership
  7. TEEPMike has created a statement of request from colleges of education and compiling a list of schools to reach out to.Will our EEAC website be ready to post these course descriptions to which Shig replied that it is doable as PDFs.Mike is reporting progress on TEEP after many years.No updates on Clearinghouse idea.
  8. Membership and FinanceProblems with sending in membership renewals through paper mail as there is no access to retrieve mail.Go Fund Me Campaign has fizzled – Christina reported that NYSOEA’s fund drive is still active but lingering and not promoted.Mary Leou suggested that the EEAC newsletter offered another shot. Testimony is what makes a difference – when a recipient can tell their story.There is a need expressed to improve EEAC branding, utilize matching funds strategy.
  9. General Housekeeping – moved to next meeting.

Respectfully Submitted

Raymond Pultinas
EEAC Secretary