SC minutes 12/16/2020

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EEAC Steering Committee Regular Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, December 16, 2020, 5:30 – 7:00 pm, ZOOM Conference


Fran Agnone
Isa Del Bello
Lynn Cole
River DiLeo
E. Shig Matsukawa
Bonnie McGuire
Mary Most
Ray Pultinas
Bonnie Ralston
Andy Stone
Christina Tobitsch (NYSOEA)
Robert Wallace
Mike Zamm

Committee Reports and Updates

Approved previous meeting minutes

1. River reminded us that the biggest thing on the agenda was planning for January 14, Projects Forum

  • Tentative Agenda had been sent out and shared discussion of ongoing Forum planning progress including Syllabi Bank,
  • NWF involvement Emily Fano’s Climate Change Task Force
  • There was discussion about whether we would lose attendees because of CELF meeting scheduled on the same date and whether or not date should be changed.
  • Working Groups discussed Mike‘s questions based on President elect Biden’s Climate Plan.
  • EEPF and EEAC will be in a position to propose directly to the President or First Lady

A subsequent planning session with Mike Zamm was scheduled for January 5, 2021,

Mike will send agenda

2. Communications Committee

  • did meet – December 7 – reportedly, discussion ensued around logo and design, membership initiatives and new member packet –
  • going over survey results  will send out soon to inform steering committee of what people are looking for  
  • 6 month marketing and outreach plan – River committing to researching existing marketing plans
  • Discussion over highest responses on social media to posts relaying job postings

3.   Web Updates –

  • ·   Shig shared and demonstrated new forms for submission for providers to  Data Base of Environmental Education Providers.
  • ·   Potential role for volunteers to help with coding
  • ·   Questions raised over coming up with new layout or adding new links to existing layout.
  • ·   We are about to reach out to organizations to join database – perhaps a task that could rely more on steering committee membes to personally reach out in order to personalize request.

4. Clarification of what Adaptive Plan means to Individual Committees and Members

  • Bonnie Ralston shared research on what might go wrong with strategic planning initiatives
  • Importance of measurement and accountability
  • Constructing rubrics building off of key words and concepts to keep members accountable
  • Term limits – creating movement and leadership opportunities
  • Being smart about what our capabilities are [system analysis – yield, feedback, reinforcement loops·   River raised the idea of an annual retreat
  • Greater Inclusion is still an issue
  • Post Annual Event Survey discussed – criticism expressed over election – no bios or pictures, “off putting”
  • Fran remarked that we will be learning from Annual Meeting on how to better prepare for next event (Projects Forum)

5. Membership and Finance

  • Mary reported a total income from renewals of membership to be $730.00

Respectfully Submitted

Raymond Pultinas

EEAC Secretary

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By Raymond Pultinas

EEAC steering committee member since 2018. Founder and Director of the James Baldwin Outdoor Learning Center. Read more about Raymond Pultinas >.