EEAC newsletters, 37 issues available between 2007-2019 below. There are currently 98 issues in total from 1978 to 2019 provided here. The 37 issues below (2007-2019) were produced digitally, and therefore are in color. Issues before then were scanned from print versions of the newsletters.

If you have past EEAC newsletters, 1974 through 2007, that are not shown on this website or where part of the newsletter is missing as indicated in the issue’s description, please contact us.

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Summer 2019 (PDF 12 pages 2.45 MB)
From Activism to Outdoor Education: James Baldwin Outdoor Learning Center at DeWitt Clinton High School | Message from EEAC Chairperson River DiLeo | Green Schools Catalyst Quarterly | Report on TEEP III Workshop 12/13/2018 | Book Buzz book review: The Street Beneath My Feet | DEP Student Art & Poetry 2019 entries | NYSOEA/EEAC Membership Swap | EEAC membership form
Summer 2018 (PDF 12 pages 4.1 MB)
Teaching About Climate Change | Answer the Call to Help Steer EEAC, nominations due 9/7/2018 | Eco Heroes and Narwhals | NYC DOE 2018 Climate Summit | Notes on Teaching Climate Change | Climate Change Education Resources (classroom resources; articles and studies; organizations and other resources) | EEAC Visits the Hort Society’s New Greenhouse | Programs offered by EEAC and member organizations: Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy; City Parks Foundation; NYC Outdoors! An Environmental Education Expo 12/6/2018; TEEP Workshop III 12/13/2018 | LessonE3 – Energy and the Environment | In Search of Earth’s Secrets: A Pop-Up Science Encounter at Flushing Library 8/15-31/2018, at the Children’s Library Discovery Center 9/7-14/2018 | NYSOEA 50th Annual Conference, Huguenot, NY 9/20-23/2018
Spring 2018 (PDF 12 pages 2.6 MB)
NYC’s School Gardens Are Growing! | Educator Make-and-Take, EEAC at The Horticultural Society Greenhouse 3/21/2018 | Sustainability: In for the long run | TEEP Update: Building Teacher’s Capacity in Environmental and Sustainability Education workshop of 12/14/2017 | DSNY Zero Waste Schools Awards, contests deadline 5/11/2018 | DEP Education Programs: Wastewater Treatment and Food Waste-to-Energy Professional Development Workshop 3/28/2018; City that Drinks the Mountain Sky, mask and puppet theater 4/10/2018; Harbor Water Quality Teacher Workshop, May-June 2018 | DEP’s 32nd Annual Water Resources Art and Poetry Contest, entries until 3/9/2018 | NYBG: Sample Compost Activity; Garden Maintenance | What to Compost? | SCONYC 40th Annual Conference 3/24/2018 | NYSMEA 39th Annual Conference 5/19/2018
Fall/Winter 2017-18 (PDF 12 pages 2.3 MB)
The BioBus – Driving Science Education | The new members of the 2018 EEAC Steering Committee | River Works: Hudson River South Estuary Renewal Initiative | Education Resources: Explorable Places; New York City’s Water Story: From Mountain Top to Tap Map; DEP’s Online Education Modules; DEP’s Weekly Pipeline; Additional Field Trips: Museum of the City of New York; Children’s Museum of Manhattan; New York Hall of Science; Queens Museum | My Typical Day Water Use Calculator | Environmental Education Expo 12/12/2017 | Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP) – Ignite Ecological and Social Change (apply by 2/28/2017)
Summer 2017 (PDF 10 pages 2.5 MB)
Empowering Youth to Lead – 2017 Catskills Youth Leadership Climate Summit | Call for Nominations to the EEAC Steering Committee; Nomination Information | Visit to GrowNYC’s Governors Island’s Teaching Garden | EEAC fall events: Fungi with a Fun Gal 9/30/2017; Fall Migration Birding 10/21/2017; Urban Animal Adaptations 11/25/2017 | BCEQ Award to Judith Hutton | Book Buzz: Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt | Watershed Moments 2017 NYSOEA Annual Conference 10/26-29/2017 | Educational Green Roofs Conference 11/15/2017
Spring 2017 (PDF 10 pages 3.7 MB)
Green Infrastructure Playgrounds: A Pollution Solution | Thank You Gail David | NY Sun Works – Teaching the Science of Sustainability | SCONYC 39th Annual Conference 4/8/2017 | 3rd Annual Earth Day Celebration, Children’s Library Discovery Center, Queens Central Library | Watershed Forestry Institute for Teachers 7/23-7/27/2017 | Book Buzz: Braiding Sweetgrass | Watershed Moments 2017 NYSOEA Annual Conference 10/26-29/2017 | TEEP Update: Full-Time Paid Sustainability Project; Clearinghouse for Teachers
Fall Winter 2016 (PDF 10 pages 4.1 MB)
CUSP, Climate & Urban Systems Partnership | EEAC Annual Meeting 11/16/2016 | Environmental Education Expo 11/29/2016 | EEAC and TEEP | Book Buzz: Wild Ones – Observing City Critters | Citizen Science and Climate Change – local projects: Nature’s Notebook – National Phenology Network; Project BudBurst; The New York Phenology Project; The Cornell Lab of Ornithology; Journey North
Summer/Fall 2016 (PDF 12 pages 4.4 MB)
Over the Horizon: The Birth of an Idea | EEAC Garden Tour & Meet and Greet 8/9/2016 | Thank You to Lenore Miller | The Nature Specialist: A Complete Guide to Programs and Activities by Lenore Miller | Dynamic H2O Exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan | DEP‘s 30th Annual Art and Poetry Contest | Book Buzz: The Lowdown on the High Bridge | Water Use Calculation – Figure out how much water you use on average every day | New York City Watersheds Manual and Classroom Activity Package by GrowNYC | Sustainability Week NYC 5/23-5/27/2016 | Photo Gallery
Spring 2016 (PDF 10 pages 2.6 MB)
Connections, Naturally! – DEC programs | One New York: The Plan for a Strong and Just City 3/23/2016 | We Like Mike! (Mike Zamm to retire from GrowNYC) | Passages: Ken Kowald | Twenty Years On The Horizon – Green Horizons | What do you envision for the future of EEAC? – take our survey | SCONYC 38th Annual Conference 4/16/2016 | Book Buzz – Poetry books for children: Water Sings Blue; “A World of Wonders: Geographic Travels in Verse and Rhyme;” Insectlopedia; UnBEElievable | Melville Award for Mary Leou | Lesson plan: Five Senses Poet-Tree
Fall/Winter 2015/16 (PDF 10 pages 2.5 MB)
Building Wonder with ScrapKins | The ScrapKins releases new book, Junk Re-Thunk, on Earth Day 2016 | Book Buzz: Arnold’s Green Adventure | Apply to the 2016 Earth Expeditions graduate courses by Miami University’s Project Dragonfly | Green Design for Students Manual, by GrowNYC’s Environmental Education Program | New York City Outdoors, an Environmental Education Expo 10/19/2015 | Lesson: Recycle Relay by NYSDEC Recycling Program | EEAC Annual Meeting 11/10/2015 | EEAC After Dark – nocturnal tour of Central Park | TreesCount! 2015
Summer 2015 (PDF 9 pages 7.3 MB)
GrowNYC’s Environmental Education Program | From NYC DEP: NYC Upstate Watershed Tour; A New York City Water Cycle Rain Dance | Solar One – NYC’s Green Energy, Arts and Education Center | Sustainability Summit 7/24/2015, hosted by DOE Office of Sustainability | Summer Resources: SunWise UV Index app by the EPA; Antarctic Edge 70° South documentary; and a few books on sharks
Winter-Spring 2015 (PDF 12 pages 1 MB)
40th Anniversary Issue – A Brief History of EEAC Within the Context of the Development of Environmental Education in NYC | Meet Our New Steering Committee Members | EEAC and the Next 40 Years | Ideas From Attendees at the 40th Anniversary Celebration | SCONYC 37th Annual Conference 3/28/2015 | Book Buzz: Summer Birds: The Butterflies of Maria Merian | Helen Ross Russell 1915-2014
Fall 2014 (PDF 8 pages 1.2 MB)
PoLAR Climate Change Education Partnership: Connecting People with the Poles | EEAC‘s 40th Anniversary Celebration 11/18/2014 | City that Drinks the Mountain Sky – Learn about the New York City water supply system as told through mask and puppet theater 10/24/2014 | New York City Outdoors! An Environmental Education Expo 10/15/2014 | Citizen Science | Green Horizons 10/17/2014
Summer 2014 (PDF 10 pages 2.9 MB)
NYC DEP‘s 28th Annual Water Resources Art & Poetry Contest | Green Horizons 10/16/2014 | Book Buzz (print & digital): Pollination2Plate app; Pick the Pollinator; BeeSmart Pollinator Gardener app; “The Reason for a Flower: A Book About Flowers, Pollen, and Seeds;” “The Clover & the Bee: A Book of Pollination;” The Honey Makers | Reports From the Field: The Wallerstein Collaborative; The River Project (TRP); NWF program opportunities; The Horticultural Society of NY and Queens Library’s Children’s Library Discovery Center | E[Edible Academy] lesson topic: Seasonal Changes | Would You Like To Enjoy a Week, a Semester or a Summer Course in Costa Rica?
Winter/Spring 2014 (PDF 10 pages 2.2 MB)
New York City Department of Education (DOE) Office of Sustainability | NYU Opens a New Science Education and Research Center | Terry Ippolito, Former EEAC Chair, Retires from EPA | National Wildlife Federation Young Reporters Announces Competition | Book Buzz (animal migration): “Time to Move;” “Awesome Oceans: Amazing Animal Journeys;” “The picture book, Bird, Butterfly, Eel” | Gowanus Canal Conservancy Starting School STEM Education Program | Flashbird (lesson plan and Flashbird observation sheet) | New York City Arbor Day – Free Trees Available | 2014 Educator Academy in the Amazon Rainforest + Machu Picchu | EEAC Happy Hour Fundraiser 3/6/2014
Fall/Winter 2013 (PDF 8 pages 660 KB)
Mission Possible?? | NWF Eco-Schools in partnership with Gateway National Recreation Area and Jennifer Adams of Brooklyn College will be offering a PD on January 31st 2014, for High School teachers only | NYBG Predicting Tree Height (lesson plan) | EEAC Annual Meeting 11/13/2013
Summer 2013 (PDF 8 pages 2.9 MB)
GLOBE NY Metro at Queens College | NYC Nature – A New and Wonderful Column in the Sunday NYTimes | Book Buzz: Nature Wars: The Incredible Story of How Wildlife Comebacks Turned Backyards into Battlegrounds | Pat Lockhart Makes the News AGAIN! | EEAC Tour of Brooklyn Grange 5/7/2013 | Teacher Environmental Education Preparation (TEEP): A Review and Progress Report
Winter/Spring 2013 (PDF 8 pages 1.1 MB)
Gateway: A Place to Learn from Super-Storm Sandy | NYC DEP 27th Annual Water Resources Art and Poetry Contest 2013 | Book Buzz: Man Gave Names to All the Animals | High Rock Conservation Center–send in your experiences or stories | Event: Climate Change – Seeing the Forest for the Trees, at The Hort 3/7/2013
Fall/Winter 2012-2013 (PDF 8 pages 935 KB)
City Parks Foundation | EE Resources: Project Budburst; Bill Hilton | Staten Island Teacher Wins Prestigious EPA Environmental Educators Presidential Award | Honored Guests Wash Up in Our Bluebelt | Book Buzz: Living Sunlight: How Plants Bring the Earth to Life | News You Can Use: Reports from the Field–Journey South; Multicultural school gardens; Restoration-based education (RBE) | Green Horizons at NYBG 10/18/2012
Special Memorial Issue, 2012 (PDF 8 pgs 1.1 MB)
Barry Weinbrom, April 2012
A Brilliant Day With Barry, When We Were Young -John C. Muir
“A Remembrance of Barry” by Joy Garland
“Barry Weinbrom: A Man of all Seasons” by Charles Monaco
“Barry” by Regina McCarthy
Special Program Newtown Creek 6/20/2012
Tour of the Highline 6/16/2012
Winter 2012 (PDF 8 pages 384 KB)
Learn It, Grow It, Eat It | Book Buzz: “Swirl by Swirl: Spirals in Nature;” “Dark Emperor and Other Poems of Night;” “City Dog, Country Frog” | Last Child on the Prairie | EE News & Resources: Multicultural EE Acknowledges the Diversity of Views/Values, Contributes to Solutions of Environment; Multicultural School Gardens Facilitate Learning about Language, Culture and Environment; New Classroom Action Guide Asks “What’s On Your Fork?”; Virtual Library in Spanish | EEAC Annual Meeting Looks at School Gardens | Enliven Your Science Classroom – Celebrate Special Science Days/Weeks | Summer Scholarships for NYC Public School Teachers
Fall 2011 (PDF 8 pages 567 KB)
The Green Design Lab: Smarter Students, Sustainable Schools | EE Resources: Toolkit for Teachers to Facilitate an Air Quality Workshop; New Web GISs for Investigating Energy; Another Blog: Learning Network from the New York Times | Book Buzz: Rock Bottom; Nature in the Neighborhood; How Things Work in the Yard; My Baby Blue Jays | Garden-to-Classroom Learning | Tour of the High Line on 10/29/2011
Spring/Summer 2011 (PDF 8 pages 412 KB)
Microorganisms and the Environment | Make Earth Day Everyday – Fun Summer Green Projects for Everyone: Project BudBurst, Firefly Watch, Project PigeonWatch, Spider WebWatch, Milkweed and Nectar Plant Phenology Project, Great Pollinator Project | Book Buzz: Anthill | EE Resources – Helpful Blogs & RSS | Jamaica Bay Education Resource Directory
EE News: Skype’s New Teacher Network; The 95 Percent Solution | Lesson plan: New York City Water Supply – Activity 4: I Spy Water
Winter/Spring 2011 (PDF 8 pages 1.3 MB)
Central Park Zoo: Connecting People to Wild Nature | Make Earth Day Everyday: New Year’s resolutions | Book Buzz: Sleigh Bells in Springtime: Frogs Calling | The Audubon Camp in Maine | EE News: NYS Environmental Literacy Committee Update | EE Resources: EELinked communities from NAAEE; EE Week 2011: April 10-16, 2011; New Forest Web Resources from US Forest Service | United Nations Launches International Year of Forests in 2011 | Oil Spill Clean-Up Simulation | NYC DEP announces 25th Annual NYC Water Resources Art and Poetry Contest K-12
Fall/Winter 2010 (PDF 10 pages 519 KB)
The Garden of Dreams: Growing the Impact of Environmental Education | EEAC Annual Meeting 11/17/10 at Central Park Zoo | Book Buzz: Golden Flowers of the Sun: Dandelion | News—A Recap on NAAEE International Conference in Buffalo, NY | Resources & Activities – UN Year of Forests 2011 | Lesson plan: Environmental Exchange Box—International Year of Forests; Reading Connections: Forests For All; A Walk in the Deciduous Forest (Biomes of North America); The Tree Farmer; Blue and Beautiful Planet Earth Our Home; Tulip Sees America; The Forest Where Ashley Lives | TEEP Goes to Buffalo | Scholarship Awardee Profile: Christine Coughlin, Ph.D. Science Education, NYU
Summer 2010 (PDF 8 pages 1.8 MB)
Nature’s Turn: Schoolhouse Gardens | EEAC Resources: Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Edition | Book Review: Beatrix | Field Reports: Green Horizons; Staten Island Science Education Association-SISEA; NAAEE/NYSOEA | What’s the Buzz about Citizen Science? | EEAC Activity, The Bronx River Stewards, Hudson River Lesson Plans | Golden Flowers of the Sun: Dandelion, a new book by Helen Ross Russell | Free NYSERDA Workshops for Educators, 8/11-12/2010
Spring/Summer 2010 (PDF 8 pages 1 MB)
The Environmental Science and Engineering Program at Brooklyn Technical High School | New Visitor Center at Newtown Creek | Book Buzz: Remarkable Creatures | EE News: NAAEE 39th Annual Conference; Project Learning Tree introduces a new early childhood curriculum; In NYS, Early Childhood workshops | Lesson plan: Saving Water Every Day | Rose Blaustein, Environmental Educator, Friend and Mentor
Spring 2010 (PDF 8 pages 564 KB)
Environmental Education at EPA | EEAC Member Vandra Thorburn’s New Composting Service, Vokashi, Wins Award | Book Buzz: Wilderness Warrior | EE News… NYC: DOE‘s After School Professional Development Program; NYS: TEEP meeting at the North American EE Association/NYSOEA conference in Buffalo 9/29/10 | Arbor Day 4/30/10 | Green Horizons at BBG 10/14/10 | Environmental Literacy Initiative in NYS | TEEP, Moving Forward | Build a Bug (lesson plan)
Winter 2009 (PDF 8 pages 563 KB)
The Christodora Experience | National Conference on Environmental Education, Buffalo, NY 9/29-10/2/10 | Reports from the Field: Staten Island Science Teachers’ Association; Green Horizons; Youth Panel on Stargzr (book) | Book Buzz: “Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded—August 27, 1883” | EE Resources: Toyota Tapestry Grants; “Fields of Green: Restorying Culture, Environment, and Education” (book); Get Your Class Outside with The Gravestone Project! (GSA) | Interview with Yian-Kim (Debbie) Zhang–Crew Leader at Wave Hill’s Forestry Project | Decomposition Timeline (lesson plan)
Summer/Fall 2009 (PDF 8 pages 1 MB)
Operation Explore | Book Buzz: Legacy-Conserving New York State’s Biodiversity | What’s Happening in EE? – National Survey Focusing on Air Quality Shows EE Making a Difference; Do We Have an Environmentally Literate Citizenry? National Association for Interpretation National Workshop, Hartford, CT 11/18-21/2009 | Make Earth Day Everyday – Schools: Get Green and Stay Green! | EE Resources: “How Green is My Town?”; Ecological Impacts of Climate Change; Interpretation by Design (website & book!) | Summer Weeding | Civic Service Goes Green: MillionTreesNYC Stewardship Corps, planting 20,000 trees on 10/24/09
Spring/Summer 2009 (PDF 8 pages 1.3 MB)
EEAC Members See Geothermal Green Energy in Action at General Theological Seminary | Kim Estes-Fradis Honored at Cooper Union | Make Earth Day Everyday: The New Buzz in NYC (urban beekeeping) | Be a Bee Watcher! Learn More about NYC’s Native Bees | A New Age Dawning? | New York Recycles School Challenge 2009-2010 | EE Resources: “Riffle Fish – An Evolving Webumentary;” “An Audio Guide to Urban Birds: By Students, For Students;” “Brooklyn Revealed!” | Asian Longhorned Beetle awareness month (August)
Winter/Spring 2009 (PDF 8 pages 584 KB)
Testing Waters Across the Globe | Arbor Day 2009 | City Kids Catch Fish in the Hudson | Book Buzz: “The Tree Book: For Kids and Their Grown-ups,” “New York City Trees: A Field Guide for the Metropolitan Area,” “Sky Tree: Seeing Science through Art” | Track Stories (lesson plan) | Student Highlight – Ravi Seujattan, Senior at High School for Environmental Studies | EE Resources: New NSTA Book Teaches the Science of Climate Change; Websites – Green Living; Green Schools; Heathy School Environments; GreenHomeNYC
Fall/Winter 2008 (PDF 8 pages 857 KB)
EEAC Meets at the Queens Botanical Garden | In Memoriam-Joan Rosner | Make Earth Day Everyday: cleaning your home | Environmental Education through Literacy: The Lorax | Student Highlight – Natalie Garcia, Future Environmental Policy Maker | Book Buzz: “Mama” and “Wangari’s Trees of Peace: A True Story from Africa” by Jeanette Winter | Resources: Careers in Forestry & Natural Resources; Project Learning Tree and Earth & Sky Radio Show Presents: 2008 Forest Series; Valuable Learning Experiences at Science Centers and Museums; Grants, Activities, News on the National EE Week Site; International 5th World EE Congress 5/10-14/09; National Association for Interpretation 2009 National Conference 11/17-21/09; NYSOEA 2009 Conference 9/24-27/09
Summer/Fall 2008 (PDF 8 pages 886 KB)
Greening Our Bluebelt | Make Earth Day Everyday: safer household products | Book Buzz — Pale Male Redux: “Pale Male: Citizen Hawk of New York City;” “City Hawk: The Story of Pale Male;” “The Tale of Pale Male: A True Story” | Paper vs. Electronic: Making Choices and Taking Action | EE Resources: NYSOEA; “No Student Left Indoors: Creating a Field Guide to Your Schoolyard;” “Take a Cloud Walk;” Landscope America | Lesson Plan: Water Conservation Limbo
Spring/Summer 2008 (PDF 8 pages 632 KB)
The New York City Waterfalls | Book Buzz: Louisa May and Mr. Thoreau’s Flute; Eden’s Outcasts | EE Resources: Project Webfoot; The Network of Conservation Educators and Practitioners (NCEP); North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) | Recycle Relay (lesson plan) | Student Highlight – Waste in our City: East Williamsburg vs. Park Slope by Treasure Allen | American Nature Study Society 100th Year! at Poconos EE Center 7/18-19/2008 | Make Earth Day Everyday: How to invest in our environment
Winter/Spring 2008 (PDF 8 pages 566 KB)
Teacher Environmental Education Preparation (TEEP) | SCONYC 31st Annual Conference 4/12/2008 | Book Buzz: Field Guide to the Natural World of New York City | EE in the News: School Grounds as Learning Resources; Learning Through Landscapes (U.K.); Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds (Canada) | Wild School Sites (Project WILD) | People Scavenger Hunt | Student Highlight: Regina Fojas | City Garden Club of New York Scholarships Available | Make Earth Day Everyday: “locavore” or “localvore”
Fall/Winter 2007 (PDF 8 pages 481 KB)
From Mountaintop To Tap | Letter to the Editor: The Price of Environmental Success | EE in the News: One Million Trees project; Focus the Nation; Consumer Consequences, an online game | Make Earth Day Everyday: 6 tips for a sustainable holiday | Student Highlight – Angel Garcia Arcentales: Future Marine Biologist | An Environmental Transition: Change Is Good | The Science Barge, An Urban Farming Experience | Trout Markings (lesson plan)

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