EEAC’s Steering Committee has temporarily suspended the collection of membership dues for the calendar year 2023. As a small volunteer-run non-profit, our mission is to build an inclusive community for anyone interested in increasing their capacity to understand and address NYC’s environmental and related societal challenges. 

In the meantime, we appreciate voluntary tax-deductible donations to maintain our website and offset the cost of programming. Whether you can make a donation or not, we hope to see you at an upcoming event, to hear from you in our google group, or to work alongside you at a committee meeting to help us further our goals. Not sure where to jump in? Send a message to the Steering Committee through our online contact form.

General benefits of Participating in the EEAC Community

  • Access to networking and skill-building events for environmental educators. 
  • Access to a listserv and Discussions Board to engage in a wide variety of environmental and education topics, including opportunities for professional development, employment, and grants.
  • Connections to our peer organization NYS Outdoor Education Association (NYSOEA).
  • Opportunities to shape the future of an evolving non-profit committed to urban environmental education (EE).

Ways to Contribute to the EEAC Community

  • Join the Google group to share an opportunity or ask for support. 
  • Support the work of an EEAC committee to further our mission. Meetings generally happen once a month via Zoom.
    • Program Committee: Collaborate with other like-minded educators and organizations to help plan in-person and virtual events for peers in EE and beyond. 
    • Communications Committee: Boost your skills in maintaining a WordPress website, help cultivate connectivity with social media campaigns, or sharpen your graphic design skills as we refresh our brand.
    • Finance Committee: Help us deepen our commitment to minimize financial barriers of involvement in EEAC by pursuing alternative forms of revenue like grant-writing and fiscal sponsorship. 

            Share how you’d like to be involved through this online form and we’ll get back to you with a personalized email on how to get started.

Who is Part of the EEAC Community

EEAC historically brought together formal and informal educators to extend the reach of environmental education in NYC. In its five decades, the field has greatly expanded to include people of all walks of life to serve their community through education and outreach. Today we stand by our mission to build an inclusive community not limited to: K-12 teachers, informal educators, education administrators, families, scientists and college faculty. We hope to come together to increase our capacity to address and take action in the environmental and societal challenges affecting NYC and beyond.

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