SC minutes 12/15/2021

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EEAC Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
December 15, 2021 
Wednesday 5:30pm – 7pm 
Online Zoom Meeting

Robert Wallace, E. Shig Matsukawa, Mike Zamm, Mary Leou, Bonnie Ralston, Sarah Pidgeon, Fran Agnone, Bonnie McGuire

Meeting Minutes/ Agendas

  1. Approve previous meeting minutes: 
    EEACminutes20210921, EEACminutes20211020 and EEACminutes20211117

    Meeting Minutes Approved 
  1. Nominations
  • Google slide (PDF): Nominations-for-Steering-Committee-January-2022.pdf
  • Nominations Committee: Officer Slate is 2022-2025
    • River DiLeo will be nominated again to be chair unless we hear otherwise
    • For Vice- Chair Fran is taking over the roll officially, Secretary is Isa, Bonnie R. will be taking over for Mary Most as secretary/treasurer. 
  • 5 New Steering Committee Members- Bethany Kogut, Amanda Levy, Robin Sanchez, Sunny Carraro, Luis Gonzalez and then Bob and Ray for reelection. (need to follow up and see if Chrissy nominated Luis) 
  • Classes need to be updated

Sarah Mixing up order! Nominations first. Keep meeting to an hour. Mary L, Mary M and Bob met to make sure that nominees are in good standing. They ironed out some errors.

Bob presented slide show of officers, members and nominees. River is in position to be re-elected. Fran is Vice Chair, Isa is Secretary, Bonnie R is Membership Secretary/Treasurer. Nominated/Elected: Bethany Kogut, Amanda Levy, Robin Sanchez, Sunny Corrao, Luis Gonzalez, Robert Wallace, Raymond Pultinas.

*Luis Gonzalez nomination is undetermined — Mary L and/or Bob will follow up to clarify.

It was determined that term limits are January 2022-December 2024 (Term technically ends at end of 2024 but the hand-off includes January of 2025) 

Next year (2023), Mary L, Shig, Bonnie R, Bonnie M, and Isa will be up for reelection. 

It was determined that the number of SC members should be 15. With all nominees, the number of SC members would be 1 more. There was discussion of best solution for this — ideas included: 

  • Have one nominee postpone until next year
  • Increase the number of SC members to more than 15 — change the by-laws
  • Offer a ‘special role’ where one person isn’t on the SC but is still involved with some kind of special title 
  • Make positions contested to elect 15
  • One person might not be nominated 

Questions came up about contested elections vs uncontested. Also stated that there will not be live a ballot this year because it’s too complicated via zoom. 

Sarah will create a google form that will go to all members to vote. And make 1/19 deadline and announcement of new members. Quorum is 20 votes for membership.

There is conversation about the changing the by-laws — this is something to do in 2022. 

  1. Adaptive Plan

Fran then transitioned to planning for next steps after the election. 

  • Bonnie R has created all of the onboarding documents 
  • There is also the retreat for existing and new members
    • Will be a nice introduction for new members and refresher for existing members
    • Also opportunity for folks to learn more about one another
  1. Communications

Shig updates: Comms meeting was Bonnie R, Isa and Shig. We reviewed the membership packet. Will have it on the website as a landing page for new members and SC members. 

Bonnie R. has reached out to an Assistant Professor at the New School. She will report back when she hears back. 

  1. NewsBlog

Bonnie M. still looking for news blog content. She will likely highlight something that the Rangers are doing — New Year’s hikes and Kids Week. 

  1. Programs

Sarah: Thank you everyone for making the annual meeting happen. Excited to start brainstorming for next year. Begin setting regular programming meetings again for 2022. 

  1. Projects Forum

Mike has tentative meeting with Robin S to discuss the weather station project and DEP’s involvement. HS of Environmental Studies is interested in getting a weather station — they have funding for it and Mike will continue to work with them to see if the project will materialize.

Sarah will create voting template. It will go out by the 5th. Agenda will be set to welcome new SC members at the top of the meeting on 1/19.