The Life and Work of Those We’ve Lost

    by Bonnie Ralston, Sarah Pidgeon, and Betsy Ukeritis with a poem by Ray Pultinas 2/11/2022 Dear EEAC Community:  It is with a heavy heart that we are writing to share the devastating news of the passing of our dear friend and EEAC Chairperson, River DiLeo. As anyone who interacted with them can tell you, River … Read more
    by Regina McCarthy 1/24/2022 My early career in environmental education began in 1981 on my sabbatical year at Gateway Environmental Study Center with Ruth Eilenberg.  Looking back there was little that happened in the remaining 25 years at the Board of Education (now Department of Education) that was not in some way touched by Sam … Read more
    by Mike Zamm 6/2/2021 The Environmental Education (EE) community in NYC and the surrounding region has been saddened by the passing of Terry Ippolito. Terry played an extremely significant role in EE for more than a quarter century. After 16 years as a science teacher, first at St. Joseph’s Academy and then the Packer Collegiate … Read more