SC minutes 2/19/2020

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EEAC Steering Committee Regular Monthly Meeting  
February 19, 2020
239 Greene Street, 4th Floor, The Cloud Room


Fran Agnone
lynn Cole
River DiLeo
Mary Leou
E. Shig Matsukawa
Bonnie McGuire
Mary Most
Sarah Pidgeon
Ray Pultinas
Bonnie Ralston
Robert Wallace
Mike Zamm
Andrew Stone, EEAC member

a. Strategic Planning Committee Bonny MacGuire reported that committee held first meeting on January 22, accomplished a lot of work around goals based on mission.

Adaptive Planning Tool Kit – highly recommended

it is easy to understand that helps create a roadmap – and the new mission statement is at the end of that road.  

3 year horizon – whole process will take three 2-hour sessions – presently 1/3 complete.  Monday – come up with scope, Wednesday – What are long term and short term goals and strategies.  

All of this will be brought back to the group.  It has been an exciting, logical and satisfying process.

Homework around setting short-term goals and take further steps to increase capacity to achieve more.  A doodle poll will be shared.

b. Nominating Committee  Mary Leou reported no developments but plan to meet in March.

Still need 2 more people from steering committee, chair may have to designate – 

5 needed in total with 3 from steering committee

c. Program Committee/General Business

1. General Network Meeting set for March 26th event at Brooklyn Bridge Park – event will be casual, light snacks, wine, include a tour.  Eventbrite invitation will be sent. 

2.  Climate Change Conference  – Tina has done an amazing job as event planner is working on website that is still in draft form and not yet ready to share.

Subcommittees are in place, 25 volunteers.

Sarah will put together draft budget will be made and run by steering committee

CUNY has fully agreed to host – will still follow up on CUNY’s involvement (joining committees?) cost will be $200, perhaps more for security.  Will send MOU

CUNY wants to be co-sponsor

Will there be an opportunity for live streaming? (asks Bonnie)

Plan is for there to be a small fee for attendance 

Funding for food is anticipated to be the biggest expense, but Tina should also be paid for the tremendous amount of work she is doing.  

250 attendees is the target

$25.00 will cover the costs with registration

Also looking for donations

Plan is for there to be vegetarian and sustainable and compostable products and saving food scraps for composting

 3. Question raised at 6:02 regarding SCONYC and whether we are tabling for event on Saturday, March 21

Mike Zamm provided back story – SCONYC was at one time a prominent organization with 700-800 members.  At one time EEAC was a partial member and there was a SCONYC member on our board.

There are no plans to table at this event.

4 Art Share – It was decided that a day in May be chosen for Art Share event – after classes end at NYU.  This still might be a teaser for a bigger event in the future and mention was made to involve John Kaiser – Materials For the Arts.

5. Career Day Event 

Mary Most proposed the idea of doing a Career focused event inspired by Park Slope Parents group to fill in the gap in a general lack of career advisement especially as it is related to green jobs.  

A framework was suggested: 

Start by inviting who you know – it would also support our mission.  This can be considered low hanging fruit perhaps finding someplace in Brooklyn to do it: Green Horizons!  

calling attention to the way green jobs are usually part time, seasonal

Mike Zamm expressed support for this idea and its potential to build capacity and help expand the field and how these jobs can reflect economy at large.  

It would also help draw young people into green professions.

d. Communications: 

At 6:18 Bonnie McGuire raised the suggestion of an Emeritus Status for steering committee members who are less active or are absent frequently and bring on an additional active member to the steering committee.  

This role would be nonvoting and honorary – agreement among all that this must be rolled out in a respectful way

1 Newsletter – next issue will be out mid to late March

From recent meeting – Bonnie McGuire announced May 4 deadline – Post Earth Day for next issue that will be out in June.

2  Website

Shig suggested to use $80 from budget to pay for auto renew for website – approved

Shig also introduced a shortcut email address to reach steering committee members

  • River mentioned potential working partners: Groundswell, Arts and Democracy.  Sarah mentioned Materials for the Arts.  River and Sarah will reach out to respective organizations.
  • Reservations concerning size and scope of the event.  Comments shared on the need to make the event small at first to avoid taking on another big event.

* Further discussion required.  

e. EEAC and NYSOEA Partnership 

River reported that NYSOEA’s Wintery Weekend went well with lots of NYC participants.  

Progress in finding new rep

Tyler Morton – We Act – new board member

Mary Most raised the question of adding NYSOEA to our list serve.  This is a conversation to be had  – NYSOEA doesn’t have a google group like ours

We have a liaison already in Sunny – also in EEAC

f. TEEP Updates 

Mike Zamm Reports that TEEP report to all participants will soon be out – How do we proceed?

Weather Stations are in 19 schools, 6 of which are public.

The “original” TEEP issue Teacher Preparation

Suggestions for Best Practices approach – a vehicle to highlight best practices – we are so siloed at present.

A syllabus bank – sharing best practices broken down by grade sharing course descriptions

NAAEE can provide good examples 

g. Grant for Curriculum Resource Development

Fran reported on building out clearing house initiative – need for a grant and a quote

Susan Anderson – website 

Membership and Finance Committee Report 

Mary Most reports that invites have been sent to organizations to renew membership.  

budget report “flush” – $7,400 balance – final stats to be delivered soon

Homework suggestion: Do we use google drive or dropbox?  

Mary Most suggested that we need both.

7:04  Meeting ended 

Respectfully Submitted
Raymond Pultinas
EEAC Secretary