Communications Committee Meeting 6/28/2021

EEAC communications committee meeting, Monday 6/28/2021, 5:30 – 7 pm.

June Communications Committee Agenda

  • Set monthly committee meeting – what day of the week/time works best for primarily Ray, Shig, and Bonnie M? 
  • Finalize workflow for the blog – google sheets, let’s finalize that, nail down who is responsible for what and get the ball rolling. We should create goals for how often we are posting. 
  • Rebranding/Redesign of Logo – what are the next steps for this?
  • Social Media update – River will update on current numbers, what posts have been successful and any suggestions for future posts
  • Website – any decisions or updates that need to be made about the website
  • The different email lists: listserv (google group) and Eventbrite (for announcements).