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New York Botanical Garden
Professional Learning Overview
NYBG’s Professional Learning Institutes for Teachers provide educators with an immersive experience at the New York Botanical Garden. Teachers learn how to use Garden resources to engage children with plants and nature across the curriculum, with connections to science, literacy, math, and art. We offer customized programs, and Professional Learning Institutes, which are available for P-Credits. Participants can earn CTLE hours for all NYBG workshops.

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Professional Learning Institutes and Customized Programs
Program Description
Customized Programs are tailored to suit your professional learning goals. Please contact us to discuss. Spring P-Credit Institutes School Gardening 101—Creating a Garden (2 P-Credits) Advocate for, plan, create, or revive a school garden. Hone skills for designing, budgeting, and incorporating the garden across the curriculum, utilizing the resources of the school community. Increasing Representation in the Natural World (1 P-Credit) Online, Asynchronous Engage with natural objects and outdoor environments near you through facilitated routines of observation and reflection. Use curated readings and research to highlight disproportionate access to nature, reflect on personal experiences, and plan for equitable learning opportunities in the science classroom. Summer P-Credit Institutes (3 P-Credits) Plant, Learn, & Grow: School Gardening 201 Whether your school garden is plants on your windowsill or in the schoolyard, participate in hands-on gardening methods to build your background knowledge. Topics include pest management, soil quality monitoring, pollinator interactions and more! Seedlings Institute: Nature and Science for Early Childhood Educators | Grades Pre-K−2 (3 P-Credits) Come explore the resources of the New York Botanical Garden with us! Participants will learn how to use plants and nature to engage children in science across the curriculum, with connections to literacy, math, and art. Ethnobotany for Educators: Exploring Plants Through Cultural Connections (3 P-Credits) The relationship between people and plants have shaped foodways for thousands of years. Examine human and plant connections at the intersection of history, food, and culture. Develop strategies for engaging student-driven scientific investigations utilizing plants and food.
Classroom Teachers, Informal Educators, Early Childhood Educators
Length / Duration
Each P-Credit is 15 hours of course time.
P-Credit courses range from $100-$250, depending on number of credits. An additional fee must be paid to ASPDP to earn P-Credits. Customized program fees vary based on time and number of participants.
Grade Level
Early Childhood (Pre-K-K), Elementary School (Grades 1-4), Middle School (Grades 5-8)
Credits Offered
Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) credits, P-Credits
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