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In September 2019, EEAC officially adopted a new organizational mission statement. This statement was developed by a small group of volunteers and EEAC members who engaged in year-long research and critical dialogue about the current field of environmental education in NYC. A new organizational direction emerged out of this process—one that would help EEAC to meet the evolving needs of NYC’s environmental education community.

In early 2020, NYC EEAC engaged in a strategic planning process to support the recently reimagined organizational mission. The planning team used an adaptive planning model. The Adaptive Planning Toolkit which informed our process can be downloaded here.

That plan, along with anticipated action items, can be found below. The Steering Committee is now working towards our year one goals, and we invite you to join us! Please email us for meeting information and access.

Adaptive Plan (diagram) for EEAC

adaptive plan diagram

Click to enlarge Adaptive Plan image, or View/download the PDF version.

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