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Winter 2005 (PDF 8 pages 926 KB)
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Fall 2004 (PDF 8 pages 1.3 MB)
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Summer 2004 (PDF 8 pages 1 MB)
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Summer 2003 (PDF 8 pages 2.2 MB)
When will environmental education come into its own? | Remembering Our Friends—Amy Doucha; Bernard Kirschenbaum | Teaching New York City History in K-12 Schools: A Conference for Educators | ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES—Dates and Places: The Center for Urban Restoration presents a conference on “Restoration of Native Meadows;” Joseph Varon, former officer of EEAC, NYC teacher, leads nature walks from the Alley Pond Environmental Center (APEC); The Gateway National Recreation Area and the Gateway Environmental Study Center presents Project WILD, a free educator workshop on wildlife resources; 11th New York ReLeaf Statewide Urban and Community Forestry Conference; The 55th Annual Conservation Workshop; The Center for Environmental Research and Conservation at Columbia University holds a Science Teachers’ Environmental Education Program; The New York State Outdoor Education Association (NYSOEA) 36th Annual Conference | Around New York: New maps of the Lower Hudson River from Westchester to the Lower Bay; “Urban Leaf & Tree Handbook” published by Trees New York; Asian Longhorned Beetle Hotline: 877-STOPALB; “Neighborhood Green: A Guide for Community-Based Organizations” by the Enterprise Foundation; Design for the old Flushing Airport in Queens by NYC Economic Development Corporation; “Bicycle Parking Solutions” booklet | Items of Interest: Getting rid of some products (batteries, hazardous materials, and tires); Community and Environmental Defense Services (CEDS) offerings; The New England Journal of Environmental Education is seeking articles | Paddlers Prepare! for the Great Hudson River Paddle (GHRP) | Come See and Learn about New York City’s Water Supply System! | A Tribute to Theresa Lato | In Memory of Bernard Kirschenbaum | Patricia Ryan Wins 2003 Outstanding Environmental Educator Award | Jay Holmes receives the 2003 George Barr Award
Winter/Spring 2003 (PDF 2 pages 191 KB)
only pages 1 and 7 available
“Here We Go, Again….*” (Gateway Environmental Study Center, GESC, threatened with closure.
*Note in the newsletter.) | TEEP IV—The Albany Symposium | Seasonal Employment Opportunities at Wave Hill! | Attention Garden Lovers: Share Your Passion—Wave Hill’s annual Garden Guide Training program, March and April 2003
Fall/Winter 2002 (PDF 8 pages 1.6 MB)
“Environmental Education and the New York State Living Environment Core Curriculum” | Teacher Environmental Education Preparation (TEEP) | ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES—Dates to Remember: Entries for Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence; Entries for the American Museum of Natural History’s Young Naturalist Awards program; View the “Urban Neighbors: Images of New York City Wildlife;” See “The 20th Century Borough: 100 Years of Modern Architecture in Queens” | Around New York—”Alien Stingers” new indoor exhibit; The Hudson River Foundation supports efforts to enhance public access to the Hudson River; Partnerships for Parks featured in new book, “Garden Guide: New York City;” The Earth Pledge Foundation has built a rooftop garden called, “Green Roof;” Riverside Park, a long and narrow very detailed map published; Greenbelt Nature Center to open on Staten Island; “Everyday Energy-Saving Tips and Appliance Guide” booklet by Con Edison; The Water-Wise Council of New York has issued, “The Water Saver’s Guide to Landscaping and Gardening” | Items of Interest—A new New York Water Taxi ferry was named the Michael Mann, a former chair of EEAC; The New York City Audubon Society’s nature newsletter for children, “Look Around New York;” The River Project accepting applications to the Marine Biology Internship Program | Dr. Eugene Ezersky Outstanding Educator Award | Prospect Park Education Expo | The 25th Saturday Science Program | What is the Earth Charter? – Preamble of the Earth Charter | Book Buzz: “In Home: A Journey Through America;” “Cloud Dance;” and “Water Dance
Winter/Spring 2002 (PDF 8 pages 1.1 MB)
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Fall/Winter 2001/2002 (PDF 8 pages 1.6 MB)
A City of Heroes | The Search for Sustainability | ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES—Dates and Places: Alley Pond Environmental Center celebrates 25 years; “Lost New York in Old Postcards,” an exhibit in the Museum of the City of New York; The 2002 Conference of the Science Council of New York City | Around New York City: A new Natural Science Area of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum; “Everyday Energy-Saving Tips” and “Appliance Guide” booklets by Con Edison; The new Discovery Room at the American Museum of Natural History; Get a copy of the New York Botanical Garden’s “Educational Programs for Elementary School Students and Teachers;” “New York Citizen’s Guide to Government and the Urban Environment” by the New York Conservation Education Fund; Comprehensive portrayal of the problem of the Asian Longhorned Beetle in Vitis Vine publication; Reprint of “A Walker’s Guide to the Old Croton Aqueduct” booklet by DEP; “New York’s Community Gardens-A Resource at Risk” by the NYC Program of the Trust for Public Land; “Greening Gray Neighborhoods” campaign by the Environmental Action Coalition | Around New York State: Watershed science classroom materials | Elsewhere: The Communities Committee newsletter, a product of the 7th American Forest Council (1996); Program to slow down rainwater by Clagett Farm; Get a copy of “Native Plants and Wildlife Habitats;” Find out about the work of the American Chestnut Foundation; Age-appropriate educational worksheets developed by the National Park Service staff; “Look Around New York” one-page nature newsletters for children by the NYC Audubon Society | Gateway Environmental Study Center: volunteers needed; learn more about birding | Audubon New York Needs You—”For the Birds!” program | John Kominski Outstanding Environmental Educator Award | The Elementary School Science Association’s 24th Annual Saturday Science | Prospect Park Education Expo
Winter/Spring 2001 (PDF 8 pages 2.1 MB)
The Value of Computer Telecommunication | Water Power: A Conference for Educators | ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES—Timely Matters: Seventh Annual Bronx Parks Speak Up; Grant application for Neighborhood Environmental Action Program; Application for Chase Volunteer Greening Awards; Application for the Environmental Justice Small Grant Program; See “A Portfolio of New York: 12 Views by Edwin Davis French” engravings from the 1890’s; The Yoshiyama Award for Exemplary Service in the Community to 10 high school seniors; “City that Drinks the Mountain Sky,” a performance by Arm-of-the-Sea Theater; Prospect Park boathouse reopens as the Prospect Park Audubon Center; The Association for Environmental & Outdoor Education 2001 Conference; YouthCan 2001; New exhibit, “Healing Waters: Utopian Responses to Dirt, Disease and Disorder;” The 1st Summer Environmental Institute by the Rutgers University-Cook College Office of Continuing Professional Education | Other Matters: The borough’s waterfront, 2 of 4 guides published by the Brooklyn Historical Society; Opening of the Henry Luce III Center for the Study of American Culture; First edition of the “New York City Community Gardens Neighborhood Directory 2000;” TPL‘s NYC Program (incl. children’s gardening, community environmental education programs); The New York Tree Trust program information; “RCRA-C in New York State: Managing Hazardous Waste” report of DEC‘s hazardous waste management program; “Kick the Pesticide Habit Guide” by the Healthy Schools Network | Listserv to assist science educators | Conservation Genetics in the Age of Genomics, 2001 Spring Symposium | Teacher Feature: Sarah Richards | Science Council of NYC Annual Conference | John Kominski Outstanding Environmental Educator Award
Summer/Fall 2000 (PDF 8 pages 2.2 MB)
New Initiative To Include E.E. in Teacher Pre-service Preparation | ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES—ALB (Asian Longhorned Beetle) alert! Citizen’s Guide to Beetle Busting | Dates and Places—Staten Island Children’s Museum: “Pigtails and Hardhats,” “Animals as Architects;” The Brooklyn Center for the Urban Environment; The American Littoral Society looking for volunteers for the 14th Annual International Coastal Cleanup; New York Hall of Science: “Reptiles: Real and Robotic;” “Pollution Solutions: A Litter Blueprint for 2001” all day conference | Other News—NYC Parks & Recreation hoping to have historic signs in every park; Great Trees of New York City 48-page guide; Apprenticeships at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG) educational outreach program; BBG Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden; DEP 1999 Drinking Water Supply and Quality Report; The Trust for Pubic Land publications—Inside City Parks, Our Land, Our Selves: Readings on People and Place; The Hawthorne Valley Farm’s Visiting Students Program | 2001 U.S. EPA Environmental Education Grants | In Memoriam—David Manson; Joan Stoliar | Green Horizons 5 in October | Kominski Memorial Award Goes To Roy Arrezzo
Spring/Summer 2000 (PDF 8 pages 2.1 MB)
EEAC Receives A Green Star from the Environmental Action Coalition | Trout in the Classroom | ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES—Timely Events: Seedling Request; Bike Week; Full Moon at Plum Beach; “Battling the Beetle: How to Stop Your Neighborhood Tree Terminator;” It’s My Park! day in NYC; Free compost from the City’s 4 botanical gardens; Internships at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden; New exhibit at the Brooklyn Historical Society; Photographic exhibit: “Firecrackers: Chinatown Today”; Registration deadline for the Sara Lee Schupf Institutes for Teachers at the New York Botanical Garden; The Elementary School Science Association’s annual “Saturday Science: The Blaustein Conference” | Other Happenings: John Miur at the Brooklyn Center for the Urban Environment; Contact number for information about the wildlife rehabilitator referrals; The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) is looking for people to become Teaching Volunteers; Frederick Phineas and Sandra Priest Rose Center for Earth and Space has opened at AMNH containing the Hayden Planetarium and the Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Hall of the Universe; Taking Root, published by the New York State Urban and Community Forestry Council; The Neighborhood Open Space Coalition/Friends of Gateway offerings: Urban Outdoors newsletter, Cyberpark discussion space on parks, community gardens, and public space; Cyberharbor, about the NY/NJ harbor, a joint project of NOSC/FoG and the Waterfront Project; Jamaica Bay, a meeting room on Jamaica Bay issues; The Green Guerillas is organizing Plant the Vote; Restoration of the American Chestnut trees by the American Chestnut Foundation | The Bronx Zoo Education Department 2000 Summer Workshop For Teachers | Kominski Fund Update | At Schumacher College—”Ecological Design: Context, Theory and Practice” 5/21-6/9/2000; “Nature, Spirit and Creativity” 6/18-30/2000; “Community, Globalization and Sustainability” 10/1-20/2000 | Teachers On Ice | A Friend In Need Is A Friend In Deed [John Bianci] by Joy Garland | The Mystery behind the Man—Christopher Columbus, at the Pocono Environmental Education Center, 9/22-24/2000
Fall 1999/Winter 2000 (PDF 8 pages 3.9 MB)
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October 1, 1999 (PDF 8 pages 958 KB)
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Summer/Fall 1999 (PDF 8 pages 949 KB)
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Spring/Summer 1999 (PDF 7 pages 2.1 MB)
missing pgs 5 & 6; 1 pg partial replacement
EEAC’s 25th Anniversary Year | ‘Tis A Gift To Be Simple….. | Kominski Fund Report | ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES—Dates and Deadlines: Trees New York’s Citizen Pruner course; “Street Trees, A Field Handbook;” Arbor Day resources; Queens Botanical Garden’s Arbor Day event; “Behind the Fences Tour” of newly restored Prospect Park Ravine; Free walking tours of Governors Island; “Biodiversity and Climate Change: Conservation in the Face of Uncertainty;” A Soil Quality Workshop; “Play and Nature in Childhood Development: Foundation for the Future;” New York ReLeaf workshop 5/25/1999; The New York ReLeaf Statewide Urban and Community Forest Conference, “Recreating Forests and Cities” 7/9-10/1999; “Full Moon at Plumb Beach” a spring field trip for teachers; The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s annual sale of tree and shrub seedlings; Summer program for ages 10 to 12 offered by six of Brooklyn’s cultural institutions; National Trails Day at Gateway Recreation Area/Floyd Bennett Field; Photographic exhibit, “Landscapes of Hope: Rebuilding New York City’s Neighborhoods;” Scientific issues related to the environmental quality and resource management of the NY/NJ Harbor Estuary, by the Hudson River Foundation | Celebrate Water Week in May | In Memory of Bob Ortner | Audubon Adventures
Spring 1999 (PDF 8 pages 1.6 MB)
EEAC’s 25th Anniversary Year, Chair’s Message | The GLOBE Program | Kominski Fund Report | ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES—Events and Exhibits: A series by the Van Alen Institute, new developments along the East River (talk by Joy Garland on a new park in Stuyvesant Cove, Thomas Paino on restoring natural habitats on both sides of the river); A conference by the Metro Forest Council, “Conserving Forests In A Changing Landscape: A Steward’s Guide to Urban and Suburban Forest Fragments”; Developments, planning, and funding options from over a dozen experts, “Open Space, Smart Growth and Water Quality: Making the Sound Connection” by the Long Island Watershed Alliance; The International Conference of the Society for Ecological Restoration in San Francisco; Youth CaN (Youth Communicating and Networking) 1999 at the American Museum of Natural History; Science Council of New York City’s Annual Conference; Photo exhibits: “New York’s Floating Bathhouses” at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, and at the Museum of the City of New York, “New York Horizontal: Cirkut Camera Views by William Hassler” and “New York Vertical by Horst Hamann;” Materials, Sources, People: Free Home Water-Saving Kits to single-family home owners by DEP; “Water Wonders” (in English and Spanish) and “Web of Watersheds” by the New York City Cornell Cooperative Extension; Booklet, “Wetlands in the Watershed of New York City Water Supply System” by the US Fish & Wildlife Service; “Harvesting Our History: A Botanical and Cultural Guide to Queens’ Chinese, Korean and Latin American Communities” published by the Queens Botanical Garden; Four guides on biodiversity, “Guides for Green Consumers,” from the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation of the American Museum of Natural History; “The View from Region 2,” a quarterly newsletter of the New York City office of the State Department of Environmental Conservation; Contact information for the five Borough Outreach Coordinators for the City of New York Parks & Recreation; New Center at Fort Wadsworth to open Spring 2000 at the Gateway National Recreation Area; The Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG) is looking for people to lead adult tours and school groups; On sale at the BBG, “Invasive Plants: Weeds of the Global Garden” by Dr. John M. Randall and Janet Marinelli; NASA and NSTA offering full scholarships for teachers two weeks at NASA; The Staten Island Botanical Garden to open the first Chinese Scholar’s Garden in the country; New York City Department of Sanitation added a mobile unit to its war against graffiti; New York State’s Open Space Conservation Plan available at DEC and OPRHP offices | Biodiversity and Climate Change: Conservation in the Face of Uncertainty 4/30/1999 and 5/1/1999 | The Business Community and Environmental Education by Millard Clements, Ph.D. | NYC Waste Le$$: A Seminar for Schools 4/15/1999 | EEAC Members Meeting and Workshop, “City Kids Get Green” at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden 4/15/1999
Winter 1998 (PDF 8 pages 1.6 MB)
Chairman’s Message (NAAEE Conference) by Michael Zamm | “Have You Heard of A.P.E.S.? Advanced Placement Environmental Science” by John Pritchard | ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES—Dates and Deadlines: Annual Winter Wonders Conference at the Gateway Environmental Study Center; “Beakman’s World on Tour” at the New York Hall of Science; The construction of the Empire State Building at the Skyscraper Museum; Exhibit: “George B. Post: Great American Architect” at the New York Historical Society; “New York on the Rise: Architectural Renderings by Hughson Hawley” at the Museum of the City of New York; Deadline for submissions for the Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence; “Eight Million Stories: 20th Century New York Life in Prints and Photographs from the New York Public Library”; Other Matters: “Recommendation for an Urban Forest Management Plan” published by New York ReLeaf Region 2; Jane Weissman, 14-year former director of GreenThumb, now at Urban Arts & Ecology; Booklet, “Beach to Bay” publication of the Queens Council on the Arts; New “Environmental Resource Directory” published by the Neighborhood Environmental Action Program of the Citizens Committee of New York City; The 1998 (volume 8) “Community Greening Review of the American Community Gardening Association” by the Green Guerillas et al; The Parks Council report on conditions of the City’s large parks; New brochure from The Trust for Public Land; “Harvesting Our History: A Botanical and Cultural Guide to Queens’ Chinese, Korean, and Latin American Communities” published by the Queens Botanical Garden; Single sheet: “Please Adopt Me!” and “Your Neighborhood Street Tree” by Trees New York; Learn more about the Bronx River Working Group consisting of 25 nonprofits; Find out about the Greenstreets program creating more small parks and identifying sites for beautification; Slide lecture on Zane Grey’s book, “George Washington, Frontiersman” presented by Marcia Kaplan-Mann (an EEAC Steering Committee member) at the Old Stone House Historic Interpretive Center | Kominski Fund Report | WWW SITE REVIEWS—Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory:; Living Things Database: (Franklin Institute, natural history museum in Philadelphia); Busy Teachers’ Web Site K-12: (resource for classroom tested lesson plans).
Fall 1998 (PDF 8 pages 1.1 MB)
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Spring 1998 (PDF 8 pages 746 KB)
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Winter 1997 (PDF 12 pages 1.5 MB)
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Fall 1997 (PDF 8 pages 1 MB)
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Summer 1997 (PDF 8 pages 879 KB)
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Spring 1997 (PDF 8 pages 1 MB)
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Winter 1997 Special Feature (PDF 8 pages 1.5 MB)
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Fall 1996 (PDF 8 pages 879 KB)
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Spring 1996 (PDF 8 pages 870 KB)
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Winter 1995/96 (PDF 8 pages 721 KB)
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Summer 1995 (PDF 8 pages 523 KB)
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Spring 1995 (PDF 8 pages 761 KB)
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Winter 1993/94 (PDF 8 pages 709 KB)
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Spring 1993 (PDF 8 pages 641 KB)
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Winter 1992/93 (PDF 8 pages 624 KB)
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Summer 1992 (PDF 12 pages 965 KB)
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Fall 1991 (PDF 3 pages 337 KB)
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