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Pamela Peeters is an environmental economist specialized in sustainable development. She is also a former Research Fellow in Economics from Columbia University, a current Fellow of the Explorers Club and a Certified National Geographic Educator. At 12, she launched her first environmental magazine called “Grab the Green” with the purpose of informing people about the opportunities of the green economy and how to create a more caring relationship with our planet. “Eco Hero” is a character invented in 1999 and brought to life through a workshop, a learning center, a pop-up sanctuary and now a first graphic novel. 

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Environmental Economist 
ECO Consultant 
Sustainability Strategist 

Producer/Writer/Television Host 

Founder Institute for a Sustainable Planet 

Master in Applied Economic Sciences 
Master in Environmental Management 
Research Fellow Columbia University 
Fellow Vrije Universiteit Brussel 
Fellow Explorers Club 
Certified National Geographic Educator 
Prize of the Belgian Minister of Foreign Trade 

WEB: www.pamelapeeters.com 
WEB KIDS: www.myecohero.com 

When it comes to integrating eco-awareness into everyday life, Peeters follows a philosophy that’s accessible to everyone from the hardcore planet protector to the person who has recently begun thinking about the environment. ”

MSNBC – Marisa Belger

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